• First Spring trail NSPDC (1 of 1)

    Ron Ashfield Harold Hatfield and Mike Mallet with Judges Keith Burgress and Judd Libby Spring Trial NSPDC 2000

    alfredladdstringearly200s (1 of 1)

    Alfred Ladd Woodcock Haven Kennels 2000 Lansdowne Lodge Nova Scotia Pointing Dog Spring Trial

    Debandmike2001 (1 of 1)

    Debby Kennedy and Mike Best at the International Amateur Woodcock Championship 2005

    ian and lester Final (1 of 1)

    Ian Corbett and Lester Turner Pheasant Hunting 2002 Annaplois Valley

    Ian Corbett Bill Nettles and Al Ladd Codiak Bird Dog Club (1 of 1)

    Ian Corbett William Nettles and Alfred Ladd With Judges Mike Best and Ron Stevens

    mikel and one of his Miller dogs border

    Mikel Jackson with one of his Miller Dogs

    Paulwinning Puppy Futurity withtrophy withwhiteborder

    North American Puppy Futurity 2004

  • basil HawkinsLR (1 of 1)

    Basil Hawkins Fall Wild Bird Trial 2004 Woodstock NBFTA

    debsloanfinal (1 of 1)

    Deb Sloan New Hampshire Spring Trial Early 200s

    harold LR PS and back fixed

    Harold Hatfield and Andy Wishart Lansdowne Lodge Spring Trial early 2000s

    tony and gerald lr and PS and SNAGIT

    John Bilodo Tony Bly Gerald Movelle With Judges Judd Libby and Mike Rodaka 2002

    lester and jub FINAL

    Judd Libby with Lester Turner and Mr. Fearless

    Rodeisland2006 championship

    Here's a happy crew 2006 Southern New England Woodcock Championship, Chips Torquato, Steve Groy handler. I( Ian Corbett)  remember it was a difficult trial to judge. A super hot Labor Day Weekend and something like 60 dogs to look over.

  • Chris Clarke and Jim Bunkie with sidewhie

    Christopher Clarke and Jim Bunkie Spring WIld Bird Trial Havelock NB 2006


    William Nettles Christopher Clarke and Austin Parsons Landowme  Lodge Early 2000s

    Ian Corbett Eddy Vanedistine Mike Best Rick Sealy Dogs Lucy and Rocky (1 of 1)

    Ian Corbett Eddy Vanedistine and Judges Mike Best and Rick Seely 2004

    IMG 20201206 0005

    "Codiak Spring Trial Lunch Time" 2004 New Brunswick

    IMG 20201206 0011

    Spring Wild Bird Trial Havelock NB 2004

    meeting of the minds with frame

    Chris Clarke Mike Flewelling and Eddy Vanedestine

bottom3 with pointe setter grouse and woodcock